Audio Dynamic redefines the standard in the industry of sound. We care about the quality of our work more than anyone else. Excellence and perfection are our characters, imagine about superior sonic quality on our designed system, excellent services, well-considered solutions, consistent reliability and highest quality products.


Solutions for Businesses

AD provides a variety of audio solutions to businesses. Discover how can we help your business to succeed with our expertise.

For Consultants and Architects

A trustworthy, reliable and professional business partner that you can rely on. We let our consultant and architect partners to focus on the macro level of integrating different system together, while we help you to be perfect on micro level with excellent design and implemented system. We keep ourselves with maximum flexibility so that we can cater any of your working style; we can help with almost anything you can ask of & even without asking. It is a worried-free service from the beginning design phase all the way to the eternity.

General service steps:

  1. Assist in your system design with our brand focused knowledge
  2. Assist in supervising installation by contractors
  3. Providing tuning and calibration service to our system with our brand specific skill and technology
  4. Follow-up tuning and re-calibration service

For Business End-Users

If you are only renewing your audio system in a hotel ballroom or school sport hall without employing a system-integrating consultant, we are here to help you out! We provide one-stop solutions from design, installation to calibration and commissioning, at the industry top standard. Don’t forget audio is part of our five senses enjoyment!

Solutions for Consumers

Why do you choose us? We embrace our technologies and skills taken from the professional industry and implement seamlessly into your home. Our worried free service include before, during and after sales service:

  1. Tailored meeting to understand your needs
  2. Customised solution design
  3. Installation and installation supervision
  4. System calibration after installation
  5. Follow up tuning and re-calibration service

Bringing top grade professional system to your doorstep has never been easier. Unimaginable sonic result, connecting the professional standard to your home. Give us a call and tell us your expectation.


All of our partnered brands are very dedicated themselves into a specific area. We carefully choose our partners and making sure that they are the best of the best.
Meyer Sound Laboratories
An American company manufactures self-powered loudspeakers, audio show control systems, electroacoustic architectures, audio prediction software and real-time audio analysis tools. Meyer Sound is one of the top loudspeaker manufacturers in the world and their products are widely used in Las-Vegas & Broadway performances. 
Stage Tec
A Berlin based company manufactures broadcast graded digital mixing console system and digital audio routing system. Stage Tec is another top of the world console manufacturer and their systems are widely used in many Hollywood studios and countless theatres.
Microtech Gefell (MG Microphone)
The true bearer of the well-known Neumann name. A German company manufactures a range of studio and measurement microphones for the audio industry. With their long history, technology and skill of Germany, they convey sound to audio signal accurately.