• Audio Dynamic Scholarship …

    Date : 17 March 2018
    HKDI and IVE - Lee Wai Lee Student Awards Presentation Ceremony 2017-18-4
    HKDI and IVE (Lee Wai Lee) Students Awards Presentation Ceremony 2017/18

    HKDI and IVE - Lee Wai Lee Student Awards Presentation Ceremony 2017-18-2 HKDI and IVE - Lee Wai Lee Student Awards Presentation Ceremony 2017-18-6

  • Meyer Sound Demonstration 2017

    Meyer Sound Demonstration 2017 – LINA LINE ARRAY SYSTEM & 750LFC Subwoofer System

    Date & Venue : 14th & 15th Nov at HKU Yuet Ming Auditorium

    The demonstration came to a satisfactory close.  It was a big success. Let’s share some of the wonderful pieces with you !!!

    DSC02768_preview.jpeg DSC02771_preview.jpeg IMG_0543 IMG_0548DSC02847_preview.jpeg

  • Local Factory Training by Mauricio Ramírez

    Mauricio Ramírez Senior Technical Seminar Instructor Mauricio “Magu” Ramírez, Meyer Sound’s first full-time seminar instructor, is known on both sides of the Atlantic for his wealth of technical expertise and his engaging instructional style. Prior to his career in audio engineering, he earned a degree in computer management in his native Mexico. After working with several sound rental companies and artists, he applied his experiences to form a study program for training professionals in sound reinforcement. In 1992, he established the Dynamix School to instruct students from Mexico and South America. Ramírez attended SIM School in 1993, and three years later agreed to open a Meyer Sound school in Mexico. In 1997, Ramírez was named coordinator for Meyer Sound Mexico’s educational effort, and two years later received certification as a SIM Instructor. Currently he conducts seminars (in English or Spanish) throughout Europe, Asia and Latin America.

  • Comprehensive System Design and Implementation

    Five Day

    The five-day intensive seminar integrates course materials from several other training sessions into a single seminar that gives participants a solid working familiarity with all aspects of Meyer Sound’s technology. The course builds a solid understanding of measurement, covering concepts such as FFT analysis, filters and phase relationships at an advanced level and with practical reference to use of the SIM 3 audio analyzer system. Other main topics covered include system alignment, basic array theory, applications for Meyer Sound MAPP Online, use of Meyer Sound line drivers for optimizing performance, and an in-depth look at line array theory with specific and detailed reference to a broad spectrum of M Series array applications.

    This seminar is designed for acoustical consultants, sound contractors working with complex systems, touring and theatrical system designers and system techs, and advanced audio students. Attendees should have prior education in audio fundamentals and acoustics, or equivalent experience.

    Participants should bring their own Internet-ready laptop computer.


    Section One

    Section Two


  • The Mixing Workshop: Session 14, Bob Cowan and Adam Correia Discuss Onstage Monitoring: Wedges and In-Ears

    One hour



    Mixing Workship : Session 14, Bob Cowan and Adam Correia Discuss Onstage