Audio Dynamic – A rare group of technical personnel who dedicate themselves to all the matters of Sound. Since we care so much about sound & relevant matters, our company has a slightly different approach. When everyone in the industry is trying to increase their business range by providing solutions on multi-specialties, we concentrate our effort on sound. To push the performance to the limits, we also work out, look for and recommend the best companions in room acoustics, lighting, video, network and automation systems to work with our designed sound system. Making sound seamlessly connects to the other four senses of sensational elements.



Quality Ensure Guidance. Internal quality guidance ensuring all of our works are up to standard. It is our promise that we will not compromise our quality to under-budget project.


Shifted all of our premises to owned property. This includes our office and warehouse, the move is aimed to further lower our fixed operation cost and maximising our resources in technical education and support.


Introducing our industry-care program with scholarship and sponsorship policy. Scholarships are awarded to educational organisations in Hong Kong acknowledging students dedicated themselves in audio industry. Sponsorship, equipment hiring and technical support are provided to NGO for good causes, and events that have contribution to the growth of the industry.


On top of the distribution established in 2003, direct support from Meyer Sound is contracted. Extensive technical support to our client is hence available.


Appointed as the sole agent for Meyer Sound for Hong Kong and Macau. Company restructured from front-line operation to backbone supplying.


Company establishment, started as an audio and lighting rental company targeting high demand customers, delivering deluxe quality service.

Who we are

Our People & Culture

Our people help us to innovate and reshape the industry. That is why we value our people so much. We as a single team build our culture together.


Trust is the first priority in our company. We do everything based on the trust that we have with our team. While our team members trust our vision and direction in doing the right thing to reshape the industry, we trust that they are passionate and dedicated to our direction as well. With the trust that we have, we do not implement any high restraint policy to limit the growth of our members.

Diversity and inclusion

Our team is built by passionate and dedicated experts from different specialties. We welcome additional work arrangement on top of their working hours with us, because we believe this arrangement can help them to greatly increase their own profile of experience as well as industry insight, which in turn help us to shape the industry. Our members are located in all areas within the industry, for example, professor, technician, operator, consultants or even boss from other company. When we empower our team members with flexible arrangement, they empower us with the best skill for the industry.

Our team can be divided into four layers:

  • Top Management for Strategic Decision Making and responsible for company direction
  • Engineer level specialising in different area
  • Operation and Execution
  • Trainee assistant for a sustainable future

Work-life balance

We know great creative idea comes from thinking. Our policy assures our team members having at least 25% of their working hours free up from operational tasks and the time is for their own brainstorming. They can choose to have their “thinking” time in our fully equipped showroom with movie and music. We also welcome them to have their “thinking” time at a café of their choice or even in their home, wherever they think it is a better choice for their own.

Fully independent & flexible working style

We understand that work is a main part of our life but it is not everything. To address this issue and cater the needs of our team, we provide fully flexible work-life balanced schedule to suit everyone. Our team can choose to work on their timetable with a maximum proportion of 20% home office setting.

Unlimited vacation

We have unlimited vacation policy for our team. We do not have day limits for their annual vacation. The bottom line here is that we trust the deision of our team members that they will only take leave if the leave will not impede the progress of their projects and increase workload for other team members. We trust that such an arrangement will improve our relationship with our colleagues. This also allows them to enjoy their lives easier.

Rewards and Benefits

  • Above market price competitive salaries package
  • Career breaks
  • Corporate social responsibility projects
  • Employee interest groups

Our Values

Professionalism and Dedication

In AD world, being professional is something beyond getting a certification and being qualified. It is an attitude that drives us to be professional and dedicated in what we are doing. Pursuit of perfection is the key to be good in the world, but we will never will be the best since there will be things to learn everyday. We are making sure that everyday we will be better than the day before. Simple as that.


Claiming to be honest in business world is always not an easy task. However, we requires our to be very honest with our client in all ways, same as the trust that we have built between AD and our team members. We will never design an under-performing compromised system to match with client’s budget. In AD theory, “if the system is there, it gotta work out well in real”.

Reliability and Consistency

Going through our triple check policy, everything is reliable and consistent. Our triple check policy requires us to have three individual checking by three different people on a single task before completion. This lengthens our work, but it ensures the perfection on our work too.


Passion is intangible, just like how sound is. Our passion has to be experienced. You will be able to feel that through our work. Passion drives us to achieve excellence; it also helps us to be sustainable and continuously improving. Moving to the future.

Willing to do extra

Interestingly all of our policies do not list out tasks guidance or protocols. We do this in purpose to leave space for our team to be creative all the time. The space also allows them to have “Willing to do extra” spirit, whenever or whatever it helps the outcome to be better.

Code of conduct

Internal policy to guide our team to work in competitive and tempting environment. A practical guide consulted with legal practitioner, to help dealing with situation such as gift offering and receiving, insider information gathering and releasing etc.

Code of ethics

Unfortunately, temptation and legal confusion are around us. Our internal Conduct And Ethics Codex helps our team to drive themselves through clutter and shatters in today’s society. Our team members are encouraged to seek for advice from this codex, our management team and our partnered legal practitioner, before their action. This triple checking procedure ensures that a humble, effective and consistent response can be made to different complex situations.

Cooperate Social Responsibility

We care our society and work with the society together for mutual beneficial growth. We implement our Cooperate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy to address this goal. Our CSR policy covers growth program for our youth, development assistance for educational institution, charity sponsorship and so on.

Our Vision

We are proud of ourselves to be one of the leaders in the industry. We embrace ourselves learning to be better, and to be the best everyday. We do not stop there just because we are better than anyone else as there will always be room for growth. We vision ourselves to be the pioneer of sound in society, bringing good quality sound to everyone, educating the importance of sound as well as helping us to aware the role of sound in our daily life. All of these directions are indeed a direction; they are an attitude instead of a destination.

Our Major Project

Projects List